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  Ningbo Donghai Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent energy and resource measurement management. Donghai Group Metering Industrial Science and Technology Park formed a smart metering system industry chain, including water meter, gas meter, heat meter, program- controlled valve, timer, smart home appliance, instrument sensor, electronics and software industry specialized company. It is a new industrial base for measuring instruments in Zhejiang Province. 
     Donghai enterprises have obtained more than 160 patents for inventions and utility models, and many new water meter products have been included in the National Torch Plan, the National Key New Product Plan, and the Ningbo High-tech Product Achievement Transformation Plan...

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Smart metering

Smart metering solution

Smart metering solution

Intelligent remote transmission scheme

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      The group company has a strong independent innovation and technology team and establishes a sound scientific and technological innovation system. Donghai Metrology High-tech Research and Development Center and Engineering Technology Center always adhere to the concept of independent innovation, fully promote scientific and technological progress, continuously introduce and absorb international advanced technology, combine production, learning, research and use, and do research and development of new products. Unremitting efforts have been made. Obtained a number of software copyrights, invention patents, a number of high-tech products included in the national key new product plan, the National Torch Program, won the China Standard Innovation Contribution Award, the national high-tech enterprises and national inspection-free products...

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